What we offer

We now offer private and public sector financing. Over the coming months we will work to establish our advisory services.

Private sector financing

We provide a range of financing tools across the capital structure, including loans, credit enhancement and equity investments.

Our investment team assesses each proposition on a case-by-case basis, working to identify the financing structure that fits their needs most appropriately and supports the Bank’s mandate.

We are responsible for the UK Guarantee Scheme, and consider proposals that fall within the scope of the Bank’s mandate and investment principles, in line with our approach to other investments.

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority is supporting the UKIB deliver on its mandate as it reaches its full operating capacity and capability.

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Local authority lending

We offer financing to local and mayoral authorities across the UK, for high-value and complex economic infrastructure projects.

If you have any questions about this function or want to talk to us about a potential project, we encourage you to get in touch.



To complement our investment activity, we will be developing an expert advisory service to help local authorities, and other project sponsors, develop and finance projects. 

This service will launch in due course and we will scale up its activity incrementally. 

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Civil engineers inspecting cable anchorage in suspension bridge. The Humber Bridge, UK, built in 1981 was the world's largest single-span suspension bridge