Strategy update

The Bank has published its strategy update.


This includes updates on the Bank’s approach to private sector investment and its local authority advisory and lending function.


Our investments are designed to amplify government policy and to solve infrastructure financing problems.

We want to partner with the private sector and local government to increase infrastructure investment in pursuit of our two strategic objectives: helping tackle climate change, meeting the government’s net zero emissions target by 2050, and supporting regional and local economic growth through better connectedness, opportunities for new jobs and higher levels of productivity.


Strategy update: Private sector investments

Within our Strategy update for private sector investments, we set out seven areas in which we see opportunities to tackle problems by deploying our finance in the next 12-24 months. 

Strategy update: Local authority advisory and lending

Our Local authority lending and advisory strategy update provides new detail on our local authority advisory services and lending offer, as well as the areas in which we are building our expertise in response to demand: retrofit, heat networks, transport and place-based growth.

Strategy update: sector snapshots

We have published a document focusing on each of these areas, setting out our current view of the market, the problems we want to solve and how we can help. These are:

-- Short duration energy storage
-- Hydrogen
-- Carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS)
-- EV charging
-- Zero emission buses
-- Heat networks
-- Port infrastructure for floating offshore wind.

The sectors we have highlighted represent areas where we have had recent engagement and anticipate seeking investment in the near future. They are a snapshot of our current view, and don’t represent the totality of where we may or may not invest.



These documents update the previous Strategic Plan and respond to HM Treasury’s Statement of Strategic Priorities, to set out more detail about our priority investment areas and our approach to solving problems through our private sector investments and local authority advisory and lending function.


Our first Strategic Plan included our view of the market and where we expected to see opportunities to invest over the next five to eight years. It remains the basis of our approach.

We remain committed to investing across the infrastructure landscape. Our mission remains unchanged.




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