Strategic plan

This is our first strategic plan – it sets out how we will deliver on our mission.

In September 2023 we published our strategy update.

The UK Infrastructure Bank is a new, government-owned policy bank, focused on increasing infrastructure investment across the United Kingdom. Our mission is to partner with the private sector and local government to increase infrastructure investment in pursuit of our two strategic objectives:

- to help tackle climate change, particularly meeting the government’s net zero emissions target by 2050
- to support regional and local economic growth through better connectedness, opportunities for new jobs and higher levels of productivity
We launched, in interim form, in June 2021. Over the past year we have started to scale up our activity, increasing our capability and capacity. We have closed seven deals worth £610 million.

We will continue to build out the bank over the coming years. Our ability and bandwidth to tackle the infrastructure challenges set out in this plan will increase over time, as we recruit more permanent staff.