Where we invest

To be eligible for financing, private sector projects must meet our four investment principles.

Investment principle 1

The investment helps to support the Bank’s objectives to drive regional and local economic growth or support tackling climate change.

Investment principle 2

The investment is in infrastructure assets or networks, or in new infrastructure technology. The Bank will operate across a range of sectors, but will prioritise in particular clean energy, transport, digital, water and waste.

Investment principle 3

The investment is intended to deliver a positive financial return, in line with the Bank’s financial framework.

Investment principle 4

The investment is expected to crowd in significant private capital over time.

Eligibility does not guarantee that you will secure financing. Assessment against the principles is just one part of the Bank's decision-making process.


Where an investment is primarily to support local and regional economic growth, we will ensure that it does not do significant harm against our climate objective.


We do not invest in projects involving extraction, production, transportation and refining of crude oil, natural gas or thermal coal with very limited exemptions. These exemptions include projects improving efficiency, health and safety and environmental standards (without substantially increasing the lifetime of assets), for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) or Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) where projects will significantly reduce emissions over the lifetime of the asset, or those supporting the decommissioning of existing fossil fuel assets. We will also not support any fossil-fuel fired power plants, unless part of an integrated natural gas-fueled CCS or CCUS generation asset. This policy will be updated over time to reflect changes in government policy and regulatory standards.


We do not bail out companies in distress.