Local Authority lending

We offer financing to local and mayoral authorities across the UK
for economic infrastructure projects


We have five priority sectors...

...clean energy, waste, water, digital and transport


  • We can also support projects in energy efficiency retrofit and nature-based solutions.
  • We will not normally support predominantly cultural or social infrastructure projects but can support mixed infrastructure such as town centre regeneration.
  • If you’re unsure if your project fits within these categories please get in touch with us.


We have 3 investment principles

  • Projects must be in alignment with the government’s Net Zero objectives or the project must encourage regional and local economic growth.
  • The project is an infrastructure asset or network or new technology.
  • Our finance is repayable.

Why speak to us?

Our loans offer more efficient financing for infrastructure than the Public Works Loans Board


We offer loans at the relevant Gilts rate +60 basis points (20 basis points lower than the PWLB Certainty rate)



We can also lend to certain other authorities. If you are eligible to borrow from the Public Works Loans Board, you will be able to borrow from us.


We can match the length of the loan and repayment profile to needs of the project


We offer loans up to 50 years fixed rate and 10 years floating rate, and can offer flexible repayment profiles



Our minimum loan size is £5m


Get in touch

Please get in touch with us, no matter what stage your project is at

We are open for business and happy to talk through your project financing requirements.

We don’t have a standardised application form, but our team of experts will work with you to assess whether the project meets UKIB investment principles and discuss with you how we will conduct the appropriate due diligence.

Please either contact James Screen or Ellie Tay through our dedicated mailbox (LAlending@ukib.org.uk) via the link below.